Can I drive a motorhome or campervan with a car licence?

Yes! To get to the point, any motorhome or campervan in the UK can be driven with a standard driving licence if the weight falls under 3500kg, phew. Thankfully, this spans a massive selection of motorhomes and campervans, including every vehicle available to hire at Swift Go, easy!

For many people, hiring a motorhome for the first time you just want a standard driving licence anyway, any models above the 3500kg limit require a separate licence and test to drive called a C1 entitlement, we’re all about keeping things simple so you don’t need to worry about this with us, just your standard licence covers all the models, now all you have to do is pick which one.

A lot of the motorhomes available on a standard driving licence are easier to drive, manoeuvre and park, there’s still tremendous variety though. It’s worth getting clued up a little on the merits of both compact and larger models to match your driving experience and space requirements.

Your hire options

If there are two of you, one of our campervans are a wonderful hire option, they’re compact, nimble and deceptively spacious. Choose the Select 122 at our Manchester depot or the Carrera 122 if you’re collecting from Edinburgh.

Or for compact yet larger options, our 4-berth motorhomes the Edge 464 and Voyager 494 are fantastic choices, they’re roomier than a campervan, have a fixed double bed and large washroom but are still a manageable size if you don’t feel comfortable going for a full 5-berth motorhome hire.

If you need to know more specific licence information, head over to our Who is Eligible to Drive page here which has everything you need to know about driving our motorhomes. And if you have any more questions we have comprehensive frequently asked questions. We also recommend exploring all our video guides if you’re new to hiring a motorhome so you feel confident and clued up before you set off on your adventures!


In summary, you’re eligible to drive any motorhome or campervan under 3500kg on your standard driving licence, which covers any vehicle you hire with Swift Go, you can start exploring all the available models here, happy adventures.