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Our handy guides will help you feel prepared, and who knows, may even inspire your big adventure.

If you’re in need of urgent help, please call the support number displayed on your key fob. Our exceptional out-of-hours support will do everything to get you moving.

Frequently asked questions

Get in touch or find information about our depots.

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Get in touch or find information about our depots.

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Video guides

We have put together some instructional videos so that you can familiarise yourself with the various motorhome features and functions before you embark on your holiday.

Learn how to use our motorhomes

Before you get going, there are a few things to consider

These resources will answer some common questions and outline any tasks you should do before setting off on your grand adventure.

Who is eligible to drive?

Before you book with Swift Go, it’s important that you check your eligibility to hire and drive one of our motorhomes.

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Do I need a special licence?

  1. No, all Swift Go vehicles are under 3,500kg so can be driven on a standard Category B licence.

See what’s included

Everything you need to explore the great outdoors is included - all for one simple price.

What's included?

What documentation do you require?

There are some documents we need to check before you can explore.

What documentation is required?

Campsites close to our depots.

Make use of campsites local to our depots to ensure you're able to return your motorhome on time and enjoy your holiday till the very end.

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For more information about hiring from Swift Go visit our FAQs page.

Frequently asked questions