Coastal camping with your canine: dog-friendly beaches across the UK

Coastal camping lets you enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the new scenery around you. For dog lovers, it's also a chance to unwind by the sea while your furry friend rolls around in the sand.

At Swift Go we've highlighted some pet-loving beaches across the UK. From Cornwall's beautiful bays to the unspoiled coasts of South Wales, we've got you covered. Here’s some of our suggestions for an unforgettable beach bound trip for you and your canine.

Manorbier Beach: Pembrokeshire's Little Haven

Stopover on the western coast of Wales and you’ll find yourself at Manorbier Beach. This slice of coastal paradise offers more than a sandy retreat. It's a dog-walker's dream with acres of dunes, cliffs, and shoreline to enjoy. The beach itself is welcoming, with soft sands and gentle waves.

Manorbier's appeal reaches to the nearby village and surroundings too. Manorbier Castle watches over a clifftop and offers a pet-friendly trip through history. The pretty village has all your holiday essentials and several footpaths with views of the sea. A well-photographed spot, man's best friend will appreciate the expanse of beach on offer.

Whitsand Bay: Cornwall's Glorious Backdrop

In the delightful county of Cornwall is Whitsand Bay. Its three-mile stretch of golden sand is a popular destination for dog owners. It draws in families who enjoy its shallow waters and surfers looking for calm waves. It’s more remote, so perfect for those anxious to avoid bustling tourism.

There are various campsites nearby to choose from. All offering breath-taking views of the Rame Peninsula. For the foodies and explorers, the nearby villages of Cawsand and Kingsand are full of fun. Here, you'll find dog-friendly pubs and cafés and a friendly community to welcome you after your day on the beach.

Slapton Sands: Devon's Retreat by the Sea

Slapton Sands in the South Hams district is a site soaked in both natural beauty and history. The beach and freshwater nature reserve offer an unspoilt haven for dogs - and humans. The beach is perfect for long walks where pets can run around leash-free.

Slapton Ley’s the largest freshwater lake in the Southwest and lies right behind the beach. A known Nature Reserve, it’s the perfect place for those who love birdwatching and wildlife spotting. A peaceful area where the trails (including the Southwest Coast Path) offer a range of walking distances suitable for all abilities.

Durdle Door: Dorset's Icon of Coastal Beauty

You couldn't mention coastal landscapes without suggesting a stop at Durdle Door, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its iconic limestone arch and jagged cliffs are frequently visited for a reason. The steep climb to the beach is an adventure in itself, but the mesmerising view is worth it.

The pebble-strewn beach is popular with photographers, and the waters in the Durdle Door Marine Conservation Zone are calm. Ideal for safer doggy paddling, or breaststroke!

Offshore, the famed Jurassic Coast offers a panorama of geological history. The whole of the Dorset and East Devon Coast is full of prehistoric remains and fossils. You don’t need a palaeontologist to appreciate what the place has to offer… but the promise of ‘bones’ is sure to excite your dog.

Staithes Beach: North Yorkshire’s Jewel

Staithes Beach in the heart of North Yorkshire is a treat for dog owners. Less than ten miles from Whitby camping sites, the beach has no restrictions on dogs. A completely worry-free environment for pet owners.

Staithes is a charming historic village, now known for offering good fishing and sailing opportunities. It’s also a great location for rock pooling and fossil collecting, while there are cafes and pubs scattered through the streets.

What makes the beach even more appealing is its photogenic quality. This is a pretty location to take holiday snaps and capture memorable moments with your pet.

Sinclair's Bay: Serenity in Scotland

If travelling the infamous Scotland's North Coast 500, a detour to Sinclair's Bay is a must. You'll find glorious white sandy beaches and 16th-century castles at either end. It’s blue seas and taste of Scottish history are what the NC500 is all about.

The wide, open beach provides plenty of space for dogs to run around and play. There’s also a stream that splits the beach in two that’s a blast to splash around in… with or without your pet! Depending on the weather conditions, you may want to try camping near the bay at night to catch a sight of the Northern Lights. A real highlight of travelling around Scotland.

Protected from the wind, the beach is an attractive spot for surfers wanting to catch peaceful waves. The area's also well-known for seeing marine life like seals (dogs of the sea) and, if you're lucky, orcas! Head down any time of year to appreciate Sinclair’s Bay and see what Scotland has to offer.

Oxwich Bay: The Gem of the Gower Peninsula

Our final stop brings us to the shores of Oxwich Bay. A stone's throw from Swansea, Oxwich offers coastal paths and woodlands. The broad beach’s a popular site for visitors and locals alike, supplying the complete freedom your dog loves.

Besides the beach, make sure to explore the Oxwich Burrows. This National Nature Reserve has a range of dog-friendly walking options. The Eastward Path’s a particularly wonderful way to appreciate the Gower Peninsula with its postcard-perfect views of the beach.

Dust of your paws at one of the many local restaurants that also accommodate dogs with their own menus. With campgrounds, inns, and a full array of water sports, Oxwich Bay is the full package.

What Are You Waiting For? The Seaside Awaits  

A campervan trip to the coast with a tail-wagging companion is surely the best way to spend your free time? The shores we’ve described are just a few highlights of our beautiful Nation and hope it inspires your travel plans. So, pack your lead and tennis ball and go seek out what the UK coast has to offer you and your pooch today.

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Article written for Swift Go by Holly Dodd.