Lake District

The Lake District is a well-known and well-loved, national park located in northwest England. It is known for its picturesque lakes, valleys, villages, and rugged hills. 

Lake District Road Trip

The Lake District is a well-known and well-loved, national park located in northwest England. It is known for its picturesque lakes, valleys, villages, and rugged hills. It’s the perfect place for visiting historic homes and exploring charming villages, nestled in stunning chocolate-box surroundings.

It’s a mecca for outdoor activity enthusiasts, available activities to try include hiking, boating, kayaking, canoeing, ziplining and more. The Lake District is a hiker's paradise with its unspoiled natural landscapes perfect for scenic walks. Lace up your boots and step into a world of majestic fells, glistening lakes, and green valleys awaiting to be explored on foot.

The Lake District is also known for its links with literary greats and is deeply connected to several legendary literary figures, primarily because the area's stunning natural beauty and tranquillity served as inspiration for their writings. Some of the most notable literary giants linked to the Lake District include William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Arthur Ransome.

Key destinations and highlights

A road trip around the Lake District typically forms a loop around the park, covering over 120 miles and popular starting points are Keswick, Ambleside, or Windermere.

This incredibly scenic drive showcases the rolling landscapes of the national park, including Lake Windermere, England's largest lake. Other highlights include Ullswater, Derwentwater, Coniston Water, and Buttermere.

Must-see stops include the lively towns of Keswick and Ambleside, the Beatrix Potter attractions, Dove Cottage which was home to William Wordsworth, castles like Lowther and Muncaster, and peaks like Scafell Pike.

When to go and how long for?

Spring, summer and autumn offer the best weather, as winter brings snowcapped peaks with some closures and hazards on narrow roads. For the ideal Lake District visit, aim for the spring (April-May) or autumn (September-October) months. The weather tends to be pleasantly mild without the summertime crowds. Booking is essential during peak summer months. The popular campsite options fill up rapidly, so reserve early to secure your ideal Lake District campsite as soon as you have reserved your motorhome hire.

Driving can be slow on narrow winding roads. Allow plenty of time to make stops and take in the scenery. The route has some steep hills and passing places.

When packing, prepare for unpredictable Lake District conditions if hiking. Bring clothing and footwear suitable for all eventualities. The region's weather can quickly shift from sunny to rainy and windy.

Allow at least 5 days for your road trip, to drive around 120 miles. Ideally, a week to ten days will provide you with enough time to cover the whole area. If you are lucky enough to have two weeks to explore, you can enjoy everything on offer at a much more leisurely pace.

Planning your road trip in advance

Advance preparation is key for an optimal road trip experience. When reserving your motorhome rental, also book popular campsites and top attraction spots, especially during peak travel times. You'll avoid fully booked locations upon arrival with early reservations.

Carefully mapping your journey allows you to maximise scenic drives, fascinating pitstops, and realistic daily distances. This prevents dull long hauls or backtracking. You can outline the most engaging route. Good planning also aids budgeting, incorporating affordable dining, fuelling, and activity options to avoid financial stress.

A planned schedule optimises your time, balancing relaxation and efficient pacing. Know seasonal closures ahead to confirm availability during your trip. Research averts wasted time on inaccessible roads or attractions.

In short, proactive planning minimises headaches while maximising time, budget, and enjoyment. It's the recipe for crafting your perfect road trip! Read on for planning assistance to transform your travel dreams into reality.

The Lake District Road Trip Planner with Literary References

If you are looking for an online ‘guidebook and map’, our road trip guide partner, Uncover Britain Road Trips, provides an online Literary Lake District road trip plan, that will help you experience the best of the Lake District and make the best of your available time there.

This enchanting road trip through the Lake District unveils the captivating beauty of this treasured destination where you can immerse yourself in spellbinding scenery and the rich literary heritage of this iconic national park. Follow in the footsteps of beloved writers, from Wordsworth to Potter, who drew inspiration from these lands.

This detailed road trip planner spotlights 20 must-see destinations over a 5-8 day, 124-mile journey. Dig deeper into the Lake District's allure with over 75 highlighted attractions and activities. Find great places to stay with the Overnight Stays map, which pinpoints 40+ campsites and 20+ motorhome stops, including almost-wild spots. Dig deeper with the Uncover More map, revealing viewpoints, places of interest, hidden gems, and invigorating wild swim spots.

This journey interweaves natural wonder with literary charm around each bend. Walk trails that ignited timeless creations and embrace the stories shaping this landscape. From sweeping vistas to hidden treasures, discover the magnificent Lake District through the eyes of its storied scribes and learn more about them with the literary references included.

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